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Choose according to your needs : conversation course, grammar course, and revision course.

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● 2 lectures per week or 3-5 lectures per Week.
● 3 hours per lecture.
● Receiving handbooks and worksheets.
● Customized to meet your needs and goals.
● Available both at the DMA SPRACHINSTITUT and Online.   

Conversation course

In this course you will improve your speaking and conversational skills. Expand your vocabulary and practice holding conversations which gives you the opportunity to discuss interesting topics. We will help you work on your verbal skills for better communication.

Grammar course

Grammar can be challenging sometimes, especially if you need it for exams or writing purposes. In this course, we will go through the German grammar and make sure that you do not struggle with any rule afterwards.


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DMA SPRACHINSTITUT offers exam prep for Goethe, SD, and Telc, and helps students master German from A1 to C1. Our qualified teachers use innovative techniques to create an engaging learning atmosphere for successful language learning, both for personal and professional purposes.